Assessment and Development Centres

What is an Assessment Centre?

More commonly used for recruitment, assessment centres are a combination of various tasks and exercises (e.g. roleplays, group discussions, presentations, interviews, etc.) which are designed to examine the extent to which your skills, personality and interests match with a particular role and organisation.  

What is a Development Centre?

A development centre is similar to an assessment centre in content, but is instead a method to provide an insight into strengths and development areas with the help of trained 'assessors'. Any development areas identified are then usually targeted with suggestions for development activities. The approach can vary, but generally the focus is on development and growth of skills.

Tips for preparation

To make sure that your performance is optimal on the day of the Assessment or Development Centre, here are a few tips for preparation:

The Assessment or Development Centre is an exciting day that requires a lot of concentration and energy. 
Make sure you are well rested.

If you are required to conduct a competency based interview, the main focus will be on the competencies related to the position you applied for. You should provide concrete examples of situations in which you had to deal with the specific competency.

Reflect on your qualities and development areas.

Try to reflect on your career development. What were key moments, developments? 
Who or what did you learn from?